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New kitten: Onyx

My father recently adopted a kitten. Her name is Onyx. Isn't she cute?

More pictures ^.\/.^Collapse )


Smells like...Mega Man?

I was going through Yahoo! and this caught my eye.

Fragrance company turns video game characters into scents. o_0
When Irene first heard this song, the first thing she said: This is Daddy from "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus". For anyone that missed the Left 4 Dead 2 song, here it is:

Sending cards

I'm sending cards out this year. If anyone would like to receive one, please respond in the comment with your mailing address. The comments are screened to protect your privacy.

Wish List

I always prefer to give than to receive. Here's my list if anyone curious:

Amazon Wish List

Hello Kitty =(^^)=

I was reading the news when something caught my eye:
Antonio Garay: The nose tackle who drives a Hello Kitty smart car.

For some reason that just made my day.


I needed some randomness for my day:

What I remember on Sept 11

I was a sophomore dorming in a university in northern NJ. My family and I live in West New York, NJ (just a few miles from the WTC), which is easy to see the NYC skyline. It was Tuesday, and I associated Tuesday as my easiest college day for having just one 50-minute class during the morning. I was dead sleep, and it's usually difficult to get me up. Around 9:30am, my roommate ran into my room and said, "A plane hit one of the Twin Towers!" It was as if adrenaline kicked in: I was fully awake, my mind was clear, and I immediately had flash backs of the WTC bombing (I was a 7th grade student in PS# 5; long story short, my teacher was playing Roots for our history lesson, and the power went off briefly. My teacher informed us later that around the time the video stopped, was when the blast occurred at the WTC).

I immediately suspected it wasn't an accident, but the extent of the damage was uncertain. I turned on the television, and there was nothing but static! This was the exact same thing that happened during the WTC bombing. I was flipping channels until I found a few that were working. The first image I saw on television made me sick. When I saw the hole in one of the towers, all I could think immediately was how many people died from the plane and floors. When the screen showed both towers hit, reality hit us: this was a not an accident. A few minutes later, the news was updated that the Pentagon was also hit.

Unfortunately, we didn’t know how many planes were hijacked, and what where their targets were at the time. I had to go to class at 10:00am, and as I was heading to class, I heard a loud sound of a plane. I remember I wasn’t the only one around looking up to see if it was another hijack plane, but I was in an area that a lot tress blocked my view confirming if any plane flew.

When I entered the building, there was a television in a campus store, and my eye caught the screen at the worst timing: the first tower collapse. My heart immediately sank, and I couldn’t help but realize the size of the disaster. Students and faculty members watching immediately lost composure and broke down crying.

When I got to class (late but didn’t care), I saw fire truck after fire truck racing down the highway heading toward NYC. Some classmate (myself included) had a difficult time focusing. My professor (in her 80’s) was annoyed and ranted, “This is nothing. I lived through World War II, and what goes on right now doesn’t matter. You’re in my class, pay attention!”

No one in my family had a cellphone back then, and my only means of communication to them was a landline (my parents didn’t know how to use the Internet, and my sister was at class and couldn’t use AIM). What’s frustrating with my university is that I was on a border between local and long distance phone call to home (dorm phone wouldn’t allow long distance and I didn’t had long distance access codes), and I didn’t had enough change for a long distance call. After crossing a bridge, I was able to call my mother and confirmed that everyone was safe since my father sometimes goes to Manhattan for business.

I spent the rest of the day glued online. I was chatting to some friends, trying to get some info online on what was going on, etc. Unfortunately, there were rumors/misinformation spreading I stumbled upon hours after the initial attack. Some said there were as many as eight planes hijacked and heading toward more targets; some said the fourth plane was shot down before it hit the White House. I remember shifting through news online and television, and it was difficult to distinguish between what was accurate fact or rumor. I stayed up past midnight, keeping up to the minute of the event, and had a difficult time sleeping that night.

I remember returning to West New York later during the week. All I could see was smoke were the Twin Towers once stood. The town residents were putting candles (hundreds of them) on the fence of the park near the Hudson River.

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